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Elfi Project is not accepting applications at this time. The application will reopen to prospective applicants beginning August 1, 2019.

NOTE: Links to all application-related forms are located at the bottom of the page.


Elfi Project creates avenues of empowerment for young Indonesian women to pursue higher education, through holistic financial support and mentorship opportunities. With financial support from local Indonesian businesses and foreign donors, coupled with educational support from a network of successful Indonesian women, Elfi Project envisions a substantial increase in college attendance and completion among young women from poor regions of Indonesia, with the stated goal of helping 100 young women through college by 2025.


Financial Support

Assuming all Elfi Project program requirements are consistently met, each participant will receive approximately RP 57.000.000 (USD 4,265.00) over the course of 4 years (actual allocations will vary depending on the cost of each participant’s specific university/program), which covers tuition, as well as additional expenses, such as housing, food and school supplies. Additionally, each participant’s family will receive a monthly stipend of RP 700.000 (USD 55.00) in order to help pay for a portion of the family’s living costs.

Funding for participants will be distributed to two separate bank accounts. The first account is where the monthly stipend for each participant’s family will be deposited. The second account will be in the participant’s name and only accessible to her.

NOTE: If at any time it is demonstrated that funds have been embezzled or otherwise misallocated, the funding will be eligible for immediate cessation. If it is demonstrated that the funding was misallocated in a way that was beyond the selectee’s control, a review will take place to determine if the selectee will be eligible for continued funding. At the organization’s discretion, Elfi Project may take legal action if funding is embezzled or otherwise abused.

Selection Criteria


1.     Applicants must be Indonesian citizens.
2.     Applicants must identify as female.
3.     Applicants must be below the poverty line (demonstrated through their family’s receipt of government subsidies through the Kartu Miskin program), or demonstrate that they will be financially unsupported or under-supported for other reasons.
4.     Applicants will be considered up to the age of 21.

NOTE: Participants will be selected by Elfi Project’s Board of Directors, a diverse group of local Indonesians and Americans with extensive experience in educational development in Indonesia.

Application Requirements


1.     A completed Applicant Information form.
2.     Statements in response to all short answer questions. All responses must be either typed or hand written in bahasa Indonesia.
3.     A completed Statement of Accuracy form.

NOTE: The above items must be submitted, either through the website or via email, before the application will be considered.  Any application materials that are illegible will be returned to the applicant.

Submission of Application Form

The Applicant Information form and short answer questions can be submitted electronically, either through Elfi Project's website or via Elfi Project's email address. A hardcopy of the application (email Elfi Project at for more information) is also available and can be filled out, scanned and emailed as a word or pdf file to Elfi Project's email address, or sent via postal service to Elfi Project's mailing address. The Statement of Accuracy form cannot be submitted electronically; it must be printed, signed and submitted, either via Elfi Project's email address or Elfi Project's mailing address (email Elfi Project at for more information).

Elfi Project Email Address:

Elfi Project Mailing Address:
Elfi Project
Jl. Elang Malindo 1 A1/4
Komp. Curug Indah
Jakarta 13620

NOTE: An electronic version of the Statement of Accuracy form is not available; this form must be printed, signed and submitted, either via Elfi Project's email address or Elfi project's mailing address. If the Statement of Accuracy form is not received, the application will be considered incomplete.


Selection Process

The selection process will occur in 3 phase:

Phase 1: Review of all submitted application materials. Deadline is December 1, 2019.

Phase 2: Initial interviews, either via phone or video call. Deadline is January 1, 2020.

Phase 3: In-person interviews will be conducted with prospective selectees by one or more members of Elfi Project’s Board of Directors. Information regarding date, time, and location of the in-person interview will be provided to applicants, either via email, phone, or text message. Deadline is February 28, 2020.

NOTE: Final selections will be made available to participants in early March 2020.

Elfi Project Program Requirements


1.     Participants will be required to provide evidence of enrollment/registration at the university of their choosing before funds will be allocated. Furthermore, participants may be required to submit additional financial forms demonstrating needs and costs.
2.     Participants will be required to submit a photo of themselves, as well as a short blurb, which will be placed on Elfi Project's website along with the other applicants.
3.     Participants will be required to maintain a grade point average that reflects the average GPA of students in their specific program.
4.     Participants will be required to submit semester reports to their mentor and to Elfi Project's committee.
5.     Participants will be required to connect with their mentor at least once a semester in person, via phone or via video call.
6.     Participants will be required to volunteer for a minimum of 40 hours over the course of their time at university (5 hours per semester) at an organization or event of their choosing.
7.     Participants must write a quarterly blog that reflects their educational progress. The blogging requirements are flexible; for each blog entree, participants are encouraged to demonstrate their individual creativity, whether through writing, photography, music or another medium.
8.     By the first semester of their junior year at university, participants will be expected to serve as mentors for newly selected Elfi Project participants.


Questions about the application process may be directed to